Emily Thomas Not Gonna Be Mrs. Cruise No. 4


A few days ago the internet went brizerk over news of Tom Cruise being “head over heels in love” with 22-year-old aide and on-set assistant Emily Thomas … but I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now.

People thought Tom would be jumping on couches like he did when he fell in love with Katie Holmes … but their relationship is strictly professional and Emily already has a boyfriend.

Emily posted photos of herself with her 25-year-old beau on her Facebook account, to prove the rumors wrong … because she loves working with Tom Cruise (and who wouldn’t) but is definitely not in love with him!

Emily with her boyfriend

And for those weaving the rumors, Emily being young and a brunette and has something in her face similar to Katie Holmes, doesn’t mean Tom will fall for her and become smitten … he may have learned from his previous mistakes!

So, come on, this Brit is not going to be Mrs. Cruise No. 4 !