Cutting-Edge Style: Adele’s New Hairstyle is Chic & Modish

The British superstar takes a short cut!

Adele Haircut

Gone are the days when the value of beauty lay in a dropping mane that framed the face and added to feminine appeal. As standards of allure change, pop superstar Adele redefines the rules with her new playful short hairstyle. The British superstar revealed her new look at the Wembley Stadium that featured the finale of Britain’s X Factor. Displaying her youthful exuberance, Adele showed off a short bob haircut while performing her hit ‘Hello’ at the grand finale.

Adele was spotted wearing a shimmering long-sleeve maxi dress that looked flawless with her new hairdo. While fans were in for a pleasant surprise some of them took to twitter to express their excitement. The last few months have been extremely memorable for the gorgeous singer. Her album 25 smashed all kinds of sales records winning her not only accolades, but also genuine admiration.

Well! Looks like Adele sure knows how to make heads turns, whether it’s her melodious voice or her stunning short hairstyle. The secret is Adele has become a rage worldwide and her influential style is just a reflection of her persona!