Christina Grimmie Homicide Leaves Fans and Friends in Distraught

An end to another musical journey!

Christina Grimmie

Thousands of fans rushed to see and meet their idol, Christina Grimmie as she performed at the Plaza Live on Friday night. But the dream of meeting the superstar turned into a nightmare when gunfire erupted inside the venue leaving Grimmie dead.

Grimmie was touring with the band Before You Exit when the unpleasant incident unfolded. Grimmie was signing autographs when Kevin James Loibl, a 27-year-old man from St. Petersburg, Fla walked up armed with two small-caliber guns along with a large hunting knife and shot the viral YouTube star and former cast member of The Voice TV show. The assassin killed himself moments later when Grimmie’s brother, Marcus, tackled Loibl to the ground.

While the motive of the assassination remains a mystery, the Police will be searching Loibl’s computer and phone for evidence. The information could help piece together what his plans were and why he targeted Grimmie.

Ever since the dreary incident occurred, fans and friends of the young singer have been mourning Grimmie’s death on Social Media. It has also raised questions on security at the Plaza Live. While the world has lost another noble soul, the skies are rejoicing the arrival of the melodious nightingale!