Celine Dion’s Tribute to Paris Attacks Leaves Audience in Tears

When words fall short, let music be your speech!


“Your heart will go on….” sang Celine Dion once as a tribute to the individuals who lost their lives while on the magnificent Titanic. Her message was simple and clear—it’s the eyes that live temporarily, but the heart continues to live and beat forever!

Living up to her words, the internationally acclaimed French-Canadian singer, Celine Dion delivered a power-packed performance at the American Music Awards in memoir of Paris terrorist attack. The celebration became a night of tribute as the renowned singer sang Edith Piaf’s Hymne a l’Amour as images of the French capital — including the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower — were projected on a screen behind her.

Celion Dion Singing for Paris at WMA 2015

While she sang, the audience moved to tears as the deadly terrorist attacks flashed right in front of their eyes. The emotional performance was a sharp turn to an otherwise uplifting night of music. Unsurprisingly, the French-Canadian singer’s over-the-top performance received a standing ovation.

While music connects easily to the soul, we wish it could influence the terrorists to stop their activities and let people live in peace. After all, it’s not just the nation, but every soul that matters!