Candid Confessions: Zayn Malik on Leaving the Boy Band

The young singer chose his heart over his mind!

Zayn Malik pillowtalk clip

It breaks our heart every time we think of Zayn Malik not being a part of One Direction. However, the young song composer and singer has no regrets!
Yes, you read it right! In a candid interview Zayn confessed that he really never wanted to be a part of the group in the first place. He expressed his emotions stating that creatively he didn’t have much to offer as each member of the band thought differently.

Malik explained that in the early days, each of the five adorable members would sit in a room to compose a song. Seriously! How on earth is it possible to have five minds working on one song? The 23-year old singer knew that his creative juices were not given their due preference. Hence, it was in the best interest for both the band and himself that he opted to quit the group.

The exclusive boy band was a perfect composition of five young boys namely Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. How we wish the legendary boys could reunite one last time to set our hearts racing yet again!