Bigwig Barrister Amal Clooney to Ditch Her Glitzy Engagement Ring

The pleasures of being an A-lister!

Amal Clooney Ring

While most of us harbor a secret desire to be either rich, famous or both, only a few of us get to taste it closely. Amal Clooney is a living example of the famous with fortune.

Recently, the 37 year-old human rights lawyer declared to opt for a simple piece of jewelry rather than her big, sparkly engagement ring valued at £450,000. The 7-carat ring was gifted to Amal by George Clooney when he proposed marriage to her in April 2014.

Sources close to the British-Lebanese lawyer reveal that Amal finds the shiny rock detracting her from the gravity of her work. Most often her clients stop her in the middle of a conversation to admire the lustrous stone for a closer look. Humble as she is, Amal finds this too showy. Hence, the gorgeous beauty has decided to opt for a simpler, yet stylish band to be worn on her finger.

Now, if you thought she’s giving up her 7-carat treasure, let us warn you. She adores the ring and is no way parting from it. All she wants is another ring to wear it to work. God, if only all of us could be so lucky!