Behold! The Legend of Tarzan!


The much awaited trailer of the much awaited movie The Legend of Tarzan has finally arrived!

The wait is over and the trailer just simply makes the wait for the movie even more agonizing!

Why are we waiting on the edge of our seats? For many reasons and the most important one is that Tarzan is played by Alexander Skarsgard and Jane is played by Margot Robbie! What a hot couple!

This time the story of Tarzan is a bit different, it takes him back to the jungles of Africa, which he left years ago with his wife Jane.

To give you a quick glimpse of the story, Tarzan has been invited back to the Congo to serve as a trade representative of Parliament, unaware that he is only a puppet in a game of greed and revenge. But those behind the murderous plot are unaware of what they are about to unleash!

But we have to wait for seven long months for the release of the movie, which is set for July 2016.