Paul Walker Suffered Horrific Injuries Says Coronerís Report

Paul Walker

The coronerís report on Fast and Furious actor Paul Walkerís death is finally in to shed light on what really happened on November 30. According to the report, Paul died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.

The report also detailed the horrific injuries that Paul sustained in the tragic accident. Although Paul and his friend Roger Rodas were killed almost instantly, traces of soot found in Paulís trachea suggest that he had been able to take a few breaths after impact. Both of their bodies were badly burned that they could not be identified visually. Due to the seriousness of the burns, none of Paulís organs could be donated.

Aside from the burns, Paul, who was found in a defensive seating position in the wreckage, suffered a broken jaw, collar bone and elbow. His ribs and pelvis were damaged and his spine was fractured.

Roger, who was driving at that time, sustained a broken jaw, skull fractures, broken ribs and fractures on his pelvis. The report specified that the top of his skull was fractured leaving part of his rain exposed.

Drug tests were also done on the bodies came out negative.

Also, it was found out that Roger was driving about 100mph or more when the Porsche Carrera GT hit a tree and spun out of control.

Paul was attending his charity Reach Out Worldwideís fundraiser for Typhoon Haiyan victims when he and Roger decided to take the Porsche for a spin. Little did everyone know that will be the last time heíll be seen alive.

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