From Skinny Nerd to Heavenly Being ... Guess Who!

I wasn't sure whether this post should be a Guess Who or not ... but I will start it off as a Guess who and then quickly reveal the answer! Because this is totally unreal!

Who is this nerdy kid?

Could you guess who this nerdy kid is? He is now one of the sexiest men in Hollywood ... really really sexy and has got beautiful sculpted muscles and has fantastic salt & pepper hair and is tall and lean and yummy!!! Oh please make me stop!!!

Ok .. time to reveal the hunk, who has really transformed from a skinny nerdy kid into a heavenly being ... True Blood's one and only, the sexiest Werewolf on TV, Joe Manganiello!
Yes! I can hear you gasp!!! It's him! I am not kidding!

Joe Manganiello

This photo is from his new book, Evolution, which is about Body Building, with a preface from the man himself Arnold Schwarzenegger, I mean who's better than The Terminator to write about lifting iron?

Joe Manganiello - Evolution

The book is actually entitled Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You've Always Wanted, comes in hardcover and is full of amazing photos ... look at the cover ... makes you wanna cry ...

Joe Manganiello Evolution book cover

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