Happy Birthday Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence

Wishing two very popular and much loved Hollywood actors a VERY happy birthday!
Today, Jennifer Lawrence turns a fresh and lovely 23, while Ben Affleck turns 41 ... you know, 41 is the new 31 ... Isn't that right?!

Jennifer Lawrence

I first saw Jennifer in the movie "The Burning Plain" ... I story I'll never forget. If you haven't seen it, then go and get it because it's totally worth it.
Why I like J-Law? Because she's funny, down to earth and a darn good actress ... heck, she won an Oscar!

Ben Affleck

As for Ben ... I don't remember where I've seen him first ... do you?
And I simply like him because he's Jennifer Garner's husband ... and is a good-looking dude! I like him best with a beard! Oh! He is also a good actor!

So, Happy Birthday Jen and Ben!!!

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