Channing Tatum Assures Magic Mike 2 is Crazy and Fun!

“Magic Mike” was a huge success no doubt about that! Because of the excellent reception to the movie, a follow-up is in the works!

Channing Tatum Magic Mike 2

Although the first Magic Mike movie was a big hit, it wasn’t the fun and light stripper movie that many, including myself, were expecting. So, for the second installment, Channing revealed that they will make sure it is crazy and fun unlike the first one! There will be less drama and fewer conflicts about life.

Aside from being fun and crazy, it was also revealed that the story of “Magic Mike 2” will revolve around a road trip. As you know when the story line is like this, the director and writers have big chances to explore since a lot can happen in a road trip!

Furthermore, there’ve been talks that Channing might direct the movie but they haven’t finalized anything yet. He said either it’s both he and his partner Reid Carolin direct it or they’ll have Greg Jacobs behind the camera.

Anyway, they are still refining the story so there’s still a long way to go before we see “Magic Mike 2.” Are you looking forward to it?

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