Arnold Schwarzenegger to Do Terminator 5

Great news Terminator fans! A fifth installment of your favorite sci-fi movie is coming soon! Just so you know, this is not a rumor. Terminator 5 will be in cinemas sometime in 2015.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 5

And there’s another great surprise! The great Arnold Schwarzenegger himself will be coming back to take up his role as the Terminator! Some of you might be skeptical about him being the Terminator again considering his age but I’m sure with makeup and good props he’ll look awesome. Anyway, Arnold doesn’t look that bad at 65.

Arnold recently confirmed that he’ll be doing Terminator 5. He’s very happy that Paramount Picture chose him for the lead role. Apparently, filming will start in January 2014.

The actor also revealed that the Terminator 5 is not the only project lined up for him. He’ll also do “King Conan” where he’ll have the lead role and also another “Twins” movie.

Writing the script for Terminator 5 are Patrick Lussier and Leta Kalogridis. It is still unknown who the director will be.

I’m so excited to see Arnold in Terminator 5! Are you?

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