Adam Lambert Gases Up in Casual Fashion

Adam Lambert

Iíve never seen Adam Lambert dressed up casually. All the time we see him onstage heís usually all dressed up fancy so, itís kind of a treat to see him so simple in black shorts and tank top. I think he should dress like this more often because he looks good!

Adam didnít have a special reason to dress up fancy because on Monday, June 3, because he was only out to gas up his car.

Aside from his casual outfit, Adam didnít have his war paint on as well. I think you know how he loves to put on elaborate eye makeup whenever he performs. The only new thing he was sporting on Monday was his beard and mustache. After filling up his tank, Adam drove off to his destination. Wonder where that is!?

Anyway, Adam must be feeling contented these days after being honored with the ďCity of HopeĒ award for his contributions in the LGBT community. He received his award from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the City Hall Los Angeles.

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