Henry Cavill Had Peeing Problem in Superman Suit!

I’m sorry if I sound so repetitive but I think Henry Cavill is really a hot Superman! He looks out of this world with his suit on. But you know what? Wearing the famous suit wasn't all easy breezy for Henry. The actor recently revealed that he had some difficulties while wearing the Superman suit like when going for a pee!

Henry Cavill Superman Suit

Henry had to wait for the right time in order to relieve himself! He can’t just say “excuse me I need to pee” and then go to the bathroom because the suit doesn't have a fly or a zipper! It had to be taken off for him to answer the call of nature.

His co-star Russell Crowe attested that it took around 25 minutes just to take it off! Imagine, Henry had to hold it in even though he must have wanted to pee right there and then. I feel sorry for him.

Although there was that kind of snag, Henry could not really complain because at the end of the day it is still a Superman suit. That’s right Henry, not everyone gets to wear it! You’re so lucky to be the chosen one!

But aside from the suit, another thing that he felt anxious about was his body. There was a scene where his shirtless body was really in focus and he was worried that it wasn’t lean or big enough. Well Henry, all I can say about this is, it’s all in your mind. Based on the “Man of Steel” trailer, your body looks awesome!

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