What the Heck Happened to Keanu Reeves?!

OMG! Heís no longer the heartthrob we knew and loved from the films Matrix, Constantine and others! Heís totally changed physically! From being lean and suave-looking, Keanu is now bloated and, excuse the word, fat! Thereís just no other way to describe how he looks now.

Keanu Reeves

He was spotted at Cannes on Sunday while disembarking from a yacht in the French Riviera. Iím sure those who were there could hardly recognize him too. But yes, it really is him, sadly.

His weight gain is so obvious in the way he filled out his tight grey v-neck shirt. And if you look at his face, the first thing youíll notice is his drooping jawline. Heís even sporting a double chin if you look at him from the side. His long hair didnít make him look any better.

Sure he is 48 years old but thatís still too young to look like this right? Heís younger than Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise who are almost 50 years old and yet those two are still in top form!

Iím so sad to him like this. He used to be one of my Hollywood crushes. Oh Keanu, how could you let yourself go like this? Please, please take care of yourself.

- Keanu Reeves Looks a Lot Better Now! Did He Lose Weight?

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