Chris Brown Wants to be the Best, Breaks Up with Rihanna

So many people have been against their relationship ever since Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together so for sure they are very thankful now that the two have split up! Yes they have!

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris is not known for being a gentleman that is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that he was the one who announced their breakup. He broke the news during an interview with an Australian radio show. Chris said that he’s too young to be “wife-ing” Rihanna. He’s intent on being the best he could be. But He assured everyone that he’s always going to love Riri.

I find it funny though that Chris has three birthday parties planned! He’ll have one in L.A., Las Vegas and New York. Seems to me he’s intent on getting wasted! How’s that for wanting to be the best he can be?

But since he and Riri are no longer dating, don’t expect to see her in any of his birthday venues. Well, as if she’ll have time. Riri is currently busy with her Diamonds world tour.

No matter what the reason, I think their breakup is for the best. They don’t bring out the best in each other anyway. It would be best for them to pursue their destiny separately.

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