John Travolta and National Enquirer .... Lies or Truth?

John Travolta and Kelly Preston are heading for a divorce! This is what the headlines are saying now. Apparently, Kelly is fed up with John’s selfish ways! You see, she’s the one who always had to take care of the children, Benjamin, 2, and Ella, 13, as he goes off around the world for some reason.

John Travolta and National Enquirer

Kelly wants John to shape up and share some of the responsibility especially since she wants to go back to acting. They had a big fight over it which resulted in Kelly packing her bags and going to Los Angeles. Kelly warned him that unless he shapes up as a husband and father, they’re going to see each other in court!

But now, National Enquirer has published a shocker about what goes on inside the couple’s marriage! The tabloid’s latest issue has on its cover “John & Kelly’s Dirty Divorce Secrets!”

The tabloid claims that they have information about what really happened the day their son Jett passed away. What’s even more outrageous is their claim that John beat his 14-year-old son and chained him to bed! As if those are not enough, the publication says they have court documents supporting the actor’s criminal past!

First, the gay rumors, and now this. Things are just getting worse and worse for John!

Do you think there’s any truth to what National Enquirer claims?

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