Bobby Brown is Home Sweet Home After Just Nine Hours in Jail

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown is a lucky dude! You know why? He only served nine hours of his 55-day sentence! It wasnít because of good behavior; more like jail overcrowding.

Bobby turned himself in on Wednesday morning and was released later in the evening. But even though heís out of jail, the Los Angeles County Probation has him on electronic monitoring. Donít be surprised if you see him wearing an ankle bracelet.

This jail sentence arises from his driving under the influence with restricted license in October last year. He pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 55-days in jail last month.

It was previously thought that the 44-year-old singer would spend 8 days in jail but as it is, the jail was too crowded. Bobby has to be thankful for that because at least heís now at home with his family.

The October arrest wasnít the only one he had last year. He was also arrested for the same offence last March.

Bobby, please clean up your act!

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