Katie Holmes Stuns on Allure Cover

Katie Holmes Allure Cover

Katie Holmes has been letting her inner goddess out ever since her split from Tom Cruise. You’ll see what I’m talking about if you get hold of Allure magazine’s April issue.

Katie looks fantastic and sexy with her wet look in front of the camera. The cover photo is a close up shot of her with bronze makeup and wet hair blowing around her face. The shot, which covers her head down below her neck, gives the illusion of her being nude but for sure she’s not. And this is just one of the stunning photos of her in the magazine.

Interestingly, Katie said she’s open to having more children in the future. I think giving Suri a sibling is a good idea. This way she won’t grow up to be a spoiled brat.

Furthermore, Katie is a beautiful woman and for sure she doesn’t lack admirers. It’s just a matter of meeting a good man who will father her future child.

Anyhow, Katie looks really stunning on Allure. Do you agree?

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