Kate Middleton Suffers Heel Mishap During St. Patrick’s Day

Kate Middleton Heel Mishap

Kate Middleton is five months along with pregnancy and she’s never looked better! She’s also doing so much better health wise that is why she’s able to fulfill her duties as Duchess of Cambridge.

On Sunday, March 17, Kate attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Hampshire England. As part of her duties, Kate presented shamrocks to the soldiers and also pinned one on the mascot Domhnall. She looked really happy as she did so.

At some point, one of her heels got caught in a drain pipe! That didn’t bring her down though. She just giggled and bent down to free her heel while Prince William helped her balance. Kate kept smiling even after the mishap.

At five months, Kate’s bump is already showing a little bit, but because of her green coat it’s barely discernible. The royal couple still doesn’t know the baby’s gender though. But if it were to Kate, she’d like to have a baby boy. Prince William, on the other hand, wants a girl.

Since they don’t know the gender, Kate and William don’t have names for the baby yet.

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