Miranda Kerr Wears Neck Brace After Car Crash

Miranda Kerr Neck Brace

Miranda Kerr must be so relieved that her injuries from the car crash which she was involved in were not fatal. Yes folks, the Victoria’s Secret model had an accident during in L.A. on Monday. According to her rep, she suffered injuries to her neck and back.

These injuries are the reasons why Miranda’s wearing a neck brace as she goes about in L.A. So, those of you who were puzzled as to why she’s wearing one, you now know why.

Monday’s car accident was not Miranda’s fault. She was driving along the freeway when her car was rammed by another vehicle! Orlando and their baby Flynn were not in the car with her that time.

Miranda was seen out in L.A. on Tuesday night but although she’s is trying to be as normal as possible, she’s in a lot of pain. Hubby Orlando is now taking very good care of her. For sure he must have been anxious for his wife and is just relieved she wasn’t badly injured.

Get well soon Miranda!

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