Kim Kardashian Almost Bursting Out of her Clothes!

The problem with curvy women when they get pregnant is they become even curvier, maybe to the point of being overweight! No doubt reality TV star Kim Kardashian will have this kind of experience. Even though she’s just four months along, Kim is already becoming bigger.

Kim Kardashian Bursting

Kim is also becoming more self conscious of her figure. In fact yesterday, while on her way to the taping of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” she could not help herself from holding on to her skirt’s zipper! Perhaps she’s afraid it’s going to pop any minute. Well, the skirt looked pretty tight so there’s definitely a chance that it could. She was even wearing a pair of six-inch Louboutins!

It seems that Kim is still trying hard to be sexy and fashionable even though her tummy is getting bigger and this just a few days after her miscarriage scare. If I were her, I’d start looking around for some comfy maternity clothes and flat shoes!

The expectant mom also updated her blog on Monday and in her entry she admitted to eating for two. She also revealed that she’s keeping a healthy lifestyle.

I think that despite her healthy lifestyle, Kim is going to get really big during her pregnancy. What do you think?

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