NFL Eagles Cheer Squad Wants Paris Jackson

Do you think Paris Jackson looks hot as a cheerleader? If you do, you’re not the only one! Even NFL folks, specifically those with the Philadelphia Eagles, think so too that they are offering the 14-year-old a slot in their cheerleading team!

Paris Jackson Cheerleader

Paris looked fantastic in the photos that were released last week as she cheered for her high school basketball team no wonder the Eagles want her on their team! According to Barbara Zaun, Eagles Cheer director, Paris had the “wow factor” that makes a great cheerleader that’s why they want her in their squad.

But the question is, would Paris want to? Even if she does, she’ll have to wait for a few more years because the team requires their member to be at least 18 years old. Perhaps they’ll make an exception for Paris?

Anyhow, I think Paris will pass this up since what she really wants is to be an actress. She’s just biding her time until she can take control of her career.

Should Paris be an NFL cheerleader or not?

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