Rihanna Enjoys Birthday with Chris Brown

Rihanna with Chris Brown

Yes, they’re officially back together. Rihanna and on-off beau Chris brown made public their rekindled romance during the recently concluded Grammys. The two couldn’t seem to get their hands off each other while watching the event take place on stage.

And now, RiRi just celebrated her 25th birthday in Hawaii with no one else, of course, Chris. I wonder if he’s really reformed. Or could we expect another picture of a bashed Rihanna to come out again soon? Well, is she a masochist?

The couple was spotted going on a stroll on the beach with Rihanna wearing fishnet stockings over her bikini, which made her look like a bar girl. Her boyfriend shouldn’t have just worn those red shorts if he couldn’t keep it up, either.

But the lady seems to be having the time of her life, let’s give her this then, people. She just debuted her own line at the London Fashion Week and her best pal, Katy Perry, tweeted a greeting on her birthday. What more could a girl ask for?

Happy birthday, RiRi!

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