Emma Stone Goes for Disheveled Look in W Magazine

Emma Stone on W Magazine Cover

Actress Emma Stone sure knows how to spice things up once in a while as she does on the latest cover of W Magazine! Emmaís usually so neatly put together when it comes to her hair, makeup and clothes so this look is totally different.

The cover photo shows Emma sporting a disheveled look like she just got out of bed. That seems to be the idea since thereís a bed in the background. Her blonde hair is rumpled and her black leather jacket is pulled down around her arms leaving only a black bra to protect her modesty.

I donít know about you but I donít think this is one of her best magazine covers even if itís shot by famous photographer Juergen Teller. If she wants to project an edgier image, she should try a different approach than this. Iím not trying to put her down, I just think she can do better.

Anyway, if you havenít seen enough of Emma lately, you should catch her in ďGangster Squad.Ē She plays the arm candy of the mob king in it. Emma looks fabulous as most arm candies go; a far cry from her W Magazine cover.

Do tell, do you like Emmaís latest W Magazine cover?

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