Michael J. Fox Doesn’t Want Taylor Swift Near His Son

Michael J. Fox and Taylor Swift

Would parents be glad if their sons date award-winning singer Taylor Swift? I think a lot of them would be with the exception of actor Michael J. Fox. He doesn’t want Taylor anywhere near his 23-year-old son Sam.

It all started when Tina Fey jokingly told Taylor to stay away from Sam who happened to be acting Mr, Golden Globe. This crack prompted Vulture to ask Michael to be asked about his reaction about Taylor dating Sam.

Michael simply said he does not keep up with it all. What he knows about Taylor is that she builds her career by writing songs about every guy she goes out with. He also added that if his son brought her home he wouldn’t know who she was. He’d only know if a breakup song involving his son were to be released!

Obviously, Michael is protective about his son so Taylor better just steer clear of Sam. But wait! Would Taylor even want to date Sam? Is he her type do you think?
Is Daddy Michael being too presumptuous?

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