Kara DioGuardi Expecting a Son Via Surrogate

Kara DioGuardi

Lots of couples nowadays explore different alternatives, though they may be costly, just to conceive a child. Kara DioGuardi and her husband Mike McCuddy are no different. They got married in 2009 but weren’t able to conceive. Even their multiple IVF attempts failed.

But now, the couple is ecstatic because their very own baby boy is coming soon! They’re finally able to conceive via surrogate so don’t wonder why you don’t see her with a baby bump!

Kara, who served as judge on American Idol Season 8 and 9, told People Magazine that she and her husband made a personal decision to try a surrogate. They’re lucky because the one carrying their child is a friend of theirs. And luckier because it worked the first time they tried!

Even though the baby is yet to be born, they already got a name for him: Greyson James Carroll McCuddy. Quite a mouthful isn’t it? But very masculine.

Congratulations Kara and Mike! We couldn’t be happier for you both!

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