Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams Triumphs Over Depression

Michelle Williams Depression

With her success as one of the girls in the successful group Destiny’s Child one would never think that Michelle Williams had a secret demon she had to deal with, for years! It’s only now that Michelle revealed her struggle with depression. According to her, she first suffered depression when she was just 15 or 16 years old though she managed to avoid medication. It has kept on until her adult years.

Michelle, who is now 32, disclosed that after years of dealing with the disorder, she finally decided that enough is enough! He finally emerged from her moderate depression through exercise, therapy and positive thinking!

Because of her experience with depression, Michelle hopes to be able to help others too. The experience has taught her that it is OK to seek help when you’re going through something.

And because she’s taken her depression by the head and slammed it, things seem to be going her way these days, especially when it comes to her career. Michelle is excited about her new solo album that’s coming out soon. She is also currently rehearsing for the production of “Fela!” which will start this month. There are even some whispers that Destiny’s Child will have a reunion at the upcoming Super Bowl!

Michelle’s experience with depression shows there’s always hope.

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