Demi Moore Splashes in a Bikini with a Younger Man!

Demi Moore in Bikini 2013

There is no doubt that Demi Moore still rocks in a bikini even at 50. You should have seen her rock one during her recent getaway in Tulum, Mexico. She was seen flaunting a tiny patterned two-piece bikini that revealed her tones abs and legs. It showed she’s still firm where it matter.

But aside from her fantastic form, what got everyone talking was her companion. A younger man obviously. Demi really knows how to pick ‘em! This guy looks good! He’s very attractive, tall and muscular. His long hair just added to his charm.

Now, the question is, is he her latest conquest? Or he’s just a guy she got to chat with during her solo holiday? Since she’s very much a single lady right now I don’t think there’s anything wrong if she hooked up with him.

Anyway, Demi looks better than she did last year. She seems to have more meat on her bones and she appears happier. I think she’s finally getting Ashton Kutcher out of her system! It’s about time right?

But do you agree she still rocks in a bikini?

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