Shakira Bares Bump in Online Baby Shower with UNICEF

Shakira baby bump

Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique did not only share their baby boy’s ultrasound photo, they also opened up their baby shower to the whole world! How? They teamed up with UNICEF for a very special baby shower where participants can make donations as little as $5 to help underprivileged children worldwide.

The funds to be collected will be used to purchase mosquito nets, vaccines, oral rehydration salts and therapeutic food to prevent children from contracting dangerous diseases.

The site of the online baby shower also features never-before-seen photos of the expectant couple. They’re intimate photos which show the bond they share as they await the birth of their son. Photographed by Jaume Laiguana, some of the photos show a radiant Shakira baring her baby bump in a bikini top and skirt while Gerard goes shirtless as he hugs her and they unborn baby close. You can really see the happiness and excitement radiating from the couple.

I think it’s also a very generous gesture for them to team up with UNICEF for the virtual baby shower to help other babies around the world who are in need.

Will you help in her cause?

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