Jessica Simpson to Star in a Comedy Pilot About Her Life

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has a vibrant and funny personality so it won’t be difficult for her to do a comedy show. But we will see how she fares in the upcoming pilot for NBC, which by the way is loosely based on her life specifically on her second pregnancy! Of course Jess will be playing herself but they’re going to get actors to pay Eric and her father.

Aside from NBC, Jess will be partnering with producer Electus for the scripted pilot. As you all know, Jessica’s life is nothing but ordinary and with a team of writers drawing up the dialogues, she’s sure the pilot will have people laughing so hard!

Aside from this surprise, Jessica also talked about her second pregnancy when she appeared on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday. Apparently, we were not the only ones surprised by her second pregnancy. She said she was “extremely shocked” when she found out especially since there were lots of hormonal changes happening to her that time. And she was also just in the process of getting the old Jessica back.

But with this second pregnancy, she promised to be more careful especially when it comes to weight gain. She’s not going to eat whatever she feels like eating and will try to make healthy decisions with whatever she eats.

Anyway, I’m excited to see her comedy pilot on NBC. How about you?

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