Heath Ledgerís Parents Opens Up About Granddaughter Matilda

Heath Ledger Daughter

Itís been five years since Heath Ledgerís tragic passing due to drug overdose. However, the loss is still very much felt by his parents Kim and Sally Ledger.

The couple opened up about the late actor in a recent interview with New Idea magazine in Australia. They said that even though much time had passed, not a day goes by that they donít feel the loss of their son. But their interview is not all sad. Heathís parents also boasted about their granddaughter Matilda, Heathís daughter with actress Michelle Williams.

According to them, the 7-year-old is very much like her father in so many ways! For example, she has the same walk as her father Kim Ledger observed. More importantly, sheís a very respectful child.

Heathís parents also disclosed that they have a great relationship with Matilda and her mother Michelle. Even though they live in Australia and Matilda lives with her mother in the Unites States, they visit as often as they can.

I think Heath will be happy to know the loved ones he left behind are doing well and have a great relationship.

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