Miley Cyrus Plays Mom to Liam Hemsworth’s Nieces

Miley Cyrus a Mom

Even though they have yet to set a wedding date, it looks like Miley Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth are already practicing what it’s like to have kids! Miley was spotted taking some of his little nieces under her wing while going through LAX airport on Friday.

The lovebirds were with Liam’s brother’s family for a weekend getaway and also as celebration of Liam’s 23rd birthday.

Photos of their time at LAX airport show how at ease Miley was in taking care of kids. She was seen carrying one of Liam’s nieces as she chatted with the other little girl. Liam’s nieces all have blonde hair so, with Miley’s platinum crop she could have been easily mistaken for their mom. It’s a very cute sight to see!

When Liam’s birthday dawned on Sunday, Miley tweeted to her fans that she was going to on bi of twitter hiatus in order to spend more quality time with her beloved fiancé on his special day.

Liam and Miley with their own kid, now that’s something I’m really excited to see! What about you?

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