Bradley Cooper Denies Dating Jennifer Lawrence

Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence

When two persons, who are both single, get to work on a project, romance rumors will almost always crop up. Such is the case between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. As you know, Bradley has just split from Zoe Saldana. Jennifer is also not dating anyone at the moment.

So, when the two were cornered at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, they couldn’t help but address the dating rumors. Bradley simply laughed off the rumors and denied he’s dating Jennifer!

He even joked that he could be her father! But then, he revealed that they’ve worked on two movies already and that if it did not happen at this point it’s not going to happen.

In case you’re not aware, Bradley and Jennifer co-starred in “The Silver Linings Playbook.” Their second upcoming film is entitled “Serena.”

Jennifer did not take offense in Bradley’s denial. In fact, she agreed with what he said when Entertainment Tonight caught up with her on the red carpet.

So, maybe this rumor will now be laid to rest.

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