Twilight Actor Bronson Pelletier Urinates at LAX

Bronson Pelletier Urinating

Don’t drink if you can’t handle yourself when intoxicated otherwise you’ll just end up humiliated just like Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier. Now, the name might not be that familiar but he played as one of the male wolf pack in the hit vampire franchise. A video of the embarrassing incident that took place last December 17 has been uploaded to YouTube!

Pelletier was thrown off his flight from the Los Angeles Airport because of his drunken state. The airport authorities wanted him to sober up before flying. However, a couple of hours after that, he was seen urinating on the floor in the middle of the gate area, right in front of many other passengers!

The video shows that the 25-year-old actor seemed very drunk that he hardly knew where he was! Stumbling around, he then unzipped his pants and started peeing much to the other people’s disgust! They can be heard murmuring “oh My God” during the incident. A security guard tried to stop the urinating actor but to no avail. Then the airport police rushed to the scene got him on the floor and handcuffed him!

Pelletier was arrested and charged with being drunk in public. He denied public urination although there’s a video to prove it. He has to appear in court on January 7 for his arraignment.

Yuck! Of all the stupidest and embarrassing thing to do! On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how embarrassing do you think this kind of incident is?

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