Russell Crowe Reacts to Adam Lambert’s “Les Mis” Criticisms

Russell Crowe

Adam Lambert did not mince his words when he criticized the live singing performances of the actors in “Les Miserables.” He said that it should have been done in a studio to “sweeten” the vocals. Lots of people reacted to his harsh criticisms, including Russell Crowe who plays Javert in the film. He also sang live in the movie.

Russell also aired his reaction on Twitter. But he did not have a word war with Adam mind you. In fact, the actor said he doesn't disagree with Adam’s statement that the singing performances could have been enhanced but, it wasn't their call. Director Tom Hooper wanted the singing to be raw and real.

As of now, no other cast from “Les Miserables” has reacted to Adam’s criticisms but then maybe they are just controlling themselves to avoid making the issue bigger.

I think that even Russell chose his words well when he addressed Adam’s complaints; again to avoid further misunderstandings.

Do you think Russell should have been harsher with his reaction to Adam’s criticisms or what he did was just right?

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