Kim Kardashian Almost Fell on Her Face at a Salon

Kim Kardashian

If thereís one thing Kim Kardashian learned this year I think itís never to underestimate the height of the stairs! She should very well remember that considering the fact that she almost took two tumbles outside a hair salon in West Hollywood yesterday!

Kim first tripped on her in the salon. She had to negotiate a big step on her way up but I think her super tight ripped skinny jeans kind of hampered her. The pair of black stilettos did not help her balance much either. But it was a good thing she was able to recover and did not fall flat on her face!

But as bad luck would have it, Kim took a worse step while going out of the salon. In her desire to avoid the huge step, Kim decided to make a jump for it. Unfortunately it was too high that she lost her footing when she landed on her feet slamming on the side of a parked car at the same time! She looked like one ungraceful heap when it happened.

Oh well, at least she did not land on her face or her bottom! That would be so much more humiliating! Because of this I wish Kim a trip-free 2013!

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