Ke$ha Forced to Sing “Die Young”


Although Ke$ha’s track “Die Young” is one of the Top 10 songs in America, radio stations did not hesitate to take it off from their playlist after the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy last Friday. Is Ke$ha angry because of it? Not at all! In fact she fully supports their action.

However, something seems to be amiss, if her tweet was anything to go by. Although the controversial tweet has been long deleted, it stated that the singer did not want to sing the lyrics but was forced to.

Ke$ha also made a follow up tweet wherein she apologized to those who’ve been affected by the tragedy and that she totally understood why her song was deemed inappropriate.

But as to why or who forced her to sing the “Die Young” lyrics is still a mystery. What’s puzzling though is she’s one of the song’s co-writers so surely she won’t write it if she didn’t want to sing it!

Do you believe that she was forced or she’s simply making excuses?

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