Hayden Panettiere Crash Car after Beating Red Light

Hayden Panettiere

First it was Lindsay Lohan, then Amanda Bynes. But guess who the latest actress to get into trouble after violating traffic rules is? It’s Hayden Panettiere!

Apparently, the actress was involved in a car crash last November 14 in Tennessee where she was filming her latest show “Nashville.” Hayden was driving her BMW when it crashed into a GEO Prism at an intersection. It turns out that Hayden drove through a red light when the crash happened.

However, Hayden is not the only one at fault. According to police investigation, the driver of the GEO Prism also did something wrong because instead of turning to the left lane, he turned into Hayden’s lane.

It seems the crash was serious enough that both cars had to be towed from the scene! But no worries because both Hayden and the other driver did not suffer any injury.

Hayden’s only reference to the incident was her tweet thanking the Nashville police department for their assistance.

I hope this is Hayden’s first and last traffic trouble.

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