Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Hitting Another Woman

Lindsay Lohan

Trouble just won’t leave Lindsay Lohan alone! Guess what kind of mess she in again? The “Liz and Dick” actress was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly punching a woman while at a nightclub in New York!

According to the initial investigation, Lindsay and the woman she hit were seated in separate booths adjacent to each other. During that time the two had some heated exchange of words with Lindsay telling the woman to give her some space. But then after some time Lindsay hit the woman on the left side of her face!

When the police arrived, Lindsay was in the act of leaving the club as a passenger in a car. But her escape was prevented when the car was stopped by the police.

She was arrested and booked at a New York City police station for third degree misdemeanor assault. She was released around 8 in the morning and was seen covering her face with a black jacket as she exited the premises.

Looks like trouble’s her best friend these days. Let’s see what happens next.

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