The Roxy Appeases Adam Levine, Gets Dressing Room Ready

Adam Levine

Who knew that behind Adam Levine’s cute face is a deep resentment for some of the places he and his band worked in the past? Some of that resentment surfaced during Monday night’s episode of “The Voice!” See, he condemned the Roxy, a club in West Hollywood for not giving them a dressing room when Maroon 5 opened for Michelle Branch way back.

Adam went on to say he hates the Roxy very much and that he’ll never play there again. When the contestant they were commenting on tried to defend the Roxy, he went on again saying how horrible the Roxy is and no one should go there!

That’s definitely some deep-seated anger there but he justified his tirade by saying the Roxy “screwed them over” and are now paying for it.

But here’s the funny thing, instead of fuming over Adam’s words, the Roxy got back at him in a way that made him look petty. On Monday night, the said West Hollywood club tweeted a photo of its marquee saying “Adam Levine your dressing room is ready.”

Nic Adler, owner of the Roxy, also defended the club and that they never “screwed” Adam’s band.

Adam’s pretty talented we all know that but rants like the one he aired on Monday just makes him look petty. Do you agree?

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