Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt the Next Batman?

Joseph Dordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be the new Batman! How do you like the idea? Perhaps a lot of you are aware of the ambiguous ending of “The Dark Knight Rises” where Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake finds the Batcave right after Batman gives up his cape for good. That ending could be the cue that Gordon-Levitt will be taking Batman’s cape as his own!

HitFlix first reported that Gordon-Levitt will play Batman in the upcoming “Justice League” movie and it soon spread like wildfire across the Internet. To those of you who don’t know about “Justice League” is DC Comics version of “The Avengers” and involves Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern.

HitFlix’s Drew McWeeny also pointed out that there’s a big possibility for Gordon-Levitt to appear first as Batman in the upcoming “Man of Steel” movie by Christopher Nolan.

However, Gordon-Levitt’s camp denied the actor’s involvement in “Man of Steel.” Perhaps they just don’t want to jump the gun so to speak. Maybe don’t have the liberty to reveal anything connected to Gordon-Levitt’s take on Batman at this point in time.

Do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a good choice as Batman?

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