No More Twitter for Chris Brown after Jenny Johnson Feud

Chris Brown

Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account over the weekend after getting into a nasty verbal row with comedian Jenny Johnson. The exchanges were so nasty that itís a wonder Twitter wasnít able to pay attention to it.

It all started when Chris posted a photo of himself with the caption that he looks old even though heís just 23. Jenny could not help herself from replying that being a ďworthless piece of (expletive) can really age a person.Ē This set Chrisí anger off obviously! And he answered back that she was doing oral sex with him.

But Johnson got the best of him when she referred to the assault that Chris did to Rihanna a few years ago.

However, before Chris deleted his account, he tweeted that the argument simply shows how immature society is.

On Monday, Jenny tweeted that sheís been receiving lots of death threats on Twitter as a result of the heated exchange with Chris.

Has Chris deleted his Twitter account for good? That would be a good thing to do especially if he canít stop himself from responding to nasty taunts from other people.

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