Beyonce Shares New Photos of Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy new photos

My my! How Blue Ivy Carter has grown in just a span of few months! The last we saw her was when Beyonce took her for some retail therapy back in July. She was really a very tiny tot then but look at her now she’s grown and is sporting a thicker mop of curly hair!

You might be wondering how I know. Well, Beyonce generously shared a photo of their baby on her Tumbler account during the weekend. But she chose the photo carefully since 11-month-old Blue’s face was turned away from the camera.

Nevertheless, the photo shows that she’s really grown big and healthy. Just look at those chubby arms and curly hair. Mommy Beyonce is also shown in the photo kissing her daughter affectionately on the head.

But wait! That’s not all! A black and white photo was also uploaded in Beyonce’s Tumbler account. The black and white photo taken from behind, shows Daddy Jay-Z cradling Blue while taking a walk outside.

I hope that one of these days Beyonce will post a photo showing Blue Ivy’s face clearly. I want to see which parent she takes after. I think it’s going to be clearer now that she’s bigger.

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