Charlie Sheen Paid $100K of Lindsay Lohanís Taxes!

Charlie Sheen and Linday Lohan

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan and bad boy Charlie Sheen are so close that Charlie even paid $100,000 of Lindsayís back taxes according to TMZ! Weíre not so sure if this is true but itís one of the hottest topics circulating today.

Apparently, Lindsay and Charlie became close after working together on ďScary Movie 5Ē last fall. Theyíve been spending time together not only on set but even off the set!

It seems one of the topics they got to talk about while spending time together was Lindsayís back taxes that amounts to $233,904! Charlie generously offered to pay all of it off for her but she refused. However, TMZ found out that last week, Lindsayís manager received a check worth $100,000 from Charlie and that Lindsay didnít return it but immediately sent it to the IRS!

Hmm, why is Charlie being very generous to Lindsay? Is he helping her out of the goodness of his heart or does he have an ulterior motive?

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