Shakira Faces $100M Lawsuit from Ex-Boyfriend

Expectant mom Shakira must be under a lot of stress right now after her ex-boyfriend sued her for a staggering $100 million over a business deal gone bad!


Antonio de la Rua and Shakira were together for a long time before they broke up in 2010. According to de la Rua, in the span of their relationship, Shakira at one time asked him to play the role of manager for the “Shakira brand.” With him taking care of things behind the scenes. Shakira earned tons of money! With his help, she also sealed a deal with Live Nation for $300 million.

Although their love story ended, de la Rua continued to be her manager. But in 2011, Shakira fired him and that she refused to pay him any share of her business profit!

De la Rua is now crying foul and has filed legal documents at the Manhattan Supreme Court in New York.

For sure Shakira has been notified of the lawsuit but as of now she hasn’t made any comment.

$100 million is a lot of money. I hope they’ll be able to come on an agreement regarding this matter.

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