Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Together Again?

What is Chris Brown playing at?! It looks like this guy wants his cake and eat it too! Heís been out and about with his ex Karreuche Tran just two days after packing on the PDA with Rihanna at his website launch!

Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran

The two were seen speeding in separate cars but both of them came from the same location, Chrisí house! After a while, they stopped by a gas station where Chrisí body guard handed a grumpy-looking Karreuche a $20 bill to pay for her gas. And then they drove on to a studio in Burbank.

All these proceedings happened yesterday. Incidentally, or maybe not, Rihanna who is back with Chris posted some very interesting things on her Twitter account. She tweeted one photo which says that no matter how busy a person is, they will always find time for you if they care enough.

A few hours later, she also posted a photo of her smoking a cigarette. She looks kind of disgruntled in that photo.

I know Chris probably feels bad for hurting Karreuche but he should know people are bound to make a conclusion if they see them again together; or perhaps Chris playing Karreuche and Rihanna?

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