Paris Hilton Explains Gay Comments!

Paris Hilton Comments

Paris Hilton is under fire for her comments regarding gays! Her comments were secretly recorded by a taxi driver last September 7 while she was in New York City for the Fashion Week.

It happened this way. Paris was with a gay friend in the taxi and they were discussing an iPhone app called Grindr. This friend told her how gay men use that app to find casual sex. She then replied that gay guys are the horniest in the world and that most of them probably have AIDS already.

The recorded conversation was probably sold by the tax driver thatís why it circulated online rapidly. As soon as the issue heated up, Parisí rep immediately issued a statement explaining the situation.

According to the statement, Parisí comments were intended to express the danger of unprotected sex that could lead to life threatening disease. The gay friend seemingly told her a story about a gay man who, although has AIDS, knowingly have unprotected sex! The statement also said that her comments were for those gay men who are promoting themselves on the site.

In fairness to Paris, I think the taxi driver only recorded a portion of the conversation. She may be anything else but I donít think sheís against gay men. Proof of that is she has a gay friend!

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