Demi Lovato Ambassador for Anti-Bullying Campaign

Demi Lovato Ambassador

In her previous interviews, Demi Lovato revealed that she was also a victim of bullying when she was younger because of her weight. The experience has led to eating disorder and cutting. So, if there’s anyone better for the role as an ambassador for an anti-bullying campaign it’s her!

And indeed Demi has been chosen for Secret deodorant’s “Mean Stinks” campaign. She’s ganging up for good with the company to help girls stand up against bullying. The X Factor judge tweeted her excitement about her involvement in the project.

Apparently, Demi heard about the program last year and she immediately thought it was a great opportunity. Finally there’s a chance to curb the bullying soon.

In fact, she already embarked on her role as ambassador this Thursday! She went to New York City’s Young Women’s Leadership School to discuss the program with the students. For sure they found it fun at the same time educational because they were asked to make a pinky swear where they’ll have to wear blue nail polish on their pinky finger.

Secret will help the program by promising to donate $1 from every purchase of the Mean Stinks deodorant.

I’m positive Demi will be an effective spokesperson for this anti-bullying campaign because was a victim too. Do you agree?

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