Lindsay Lohan Denies Trashing Liz Taylor’s Trailer

Lindsay Lohan and Liz Taylor’s Trailer

It looks like trouble is already Lindsay Lohan’s middle name because it just follows her everywhere! You see, the owner of Elizabeth Taylor’s “Cleopatra” trailer is pointing finger at Lindsay for trashing the precious place while it was on loan for the filming of “Liz & Dick!”

Angel Alger who is an Elizabth Taylor fanatic bought the trailer last June for $50,000. However, she was forced to allow the use of the trailer to Silver Screen Pictures due to previous contracts. It was used for the filming of “Liz & Dick.” But she was assured that it would be brought back in pristine condition and in much better condition than before.

But what happened was so far from that. The trailer was trashed! When it was returned, it was covered in cigarette burns, dishes and glasses were broken and strew all over. Some antique items were also missing like the European rocking chair and French telephone. The overall damage amounts to $100,000.

Alger is pointing to Lindsay though she doesn’t have proof. But Lindsay’s rep Steve Honig denies that his client has anything to do with it. He suggested that Alger contact the producers about it.

Who do you think did it?

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